Can a humble Ford Fiesta be quicker than the second generation of the Tesla Roadster? Just make it electric with the help of the Austrian company STARD and it will. As this one proved to Tiff Needell.

Gallery: This EV Rallycross Fiesta Is Quicker Than The New Tesla Roadster

The British pilot and video presenter gives us a glimpse of what it is to drive this car. He will probably have a whole video talking about it, but his reactions in this one anticipate what it must have been. This rallycross Fiesta manages to go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 s, or a tenth of a second quicker than the future Roadster.

This EV Rallycross Fiesta Is Quicker Than The New Tesla Roadster

All we could say about it the video description does in more detail. Have a look at the video, at the description, and enjoy this shocking machine as much as Needell did.

Video Description Via Lovecars On YouTube:

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Tiff Needell heads to the PS Racing Circuit, Greinbach in Austria with IMG to test out the world's first ever electric Rallycross car.

Projekt E will run as a support series at selected WRX events in 2020 using technology developed by STARD, with CEO Michael Sakowicz  and Manfred Stohl.

This car, the first Projekt E, is using a Ford Fiesta body shell, similar to the one run by STARD in WRX, but it’s possible for owners to have the choice of several makes and models.

Tiff Needell is joined by world class rally driver Francois Delecour for a first drive and behind the scenes of an EV that can do zero to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds! Faster than an F1 car, and faster than a Tesla Roadster! (Ok, so this is a stripped out race car and the Tesla Roadster is a road car... but you get the point!) 

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Main edit courtesy of IMG. 


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