Caught on TeslaCam video.

A pickup truck tries to force a Tesla Model 3 off of the road and then the truck driver chases the Model 3 for what appears to be miles and miles.

At about 50 seconds into the above video, a truck quickly approaches from behind the Model 3. When the truck gets near, you can see the driver throw hands into the air (possibly even flipping the finger).

According to the Model 3 driver, there was no reason at all for the truck driver to be upset with the Model 3 and the truck driver was not provoked into these actions.

The driver of the truck then pursues the Model 3 for what appears to be many miles. It's obvious the truck is in pursuit of the Model 3. Typically, it's advised to lead such a pursuer straight to a police station. However, in this instance, the driver of the Model 3 used the power of the electric car to outrun the truck and escape from whatever the pickup driver had in mind.

Video description via Sierra Tesla On YouTube:

Tesla Dashcam: Driver tries to run Tesla Model 3 off the road then follows. The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with multiple cameras that can be used as a dashcam for cameras to feed video from multiple directions that are typically used for AutoPilot features. With a few minutes of configuration, that footage is constantly rolling, and can be stored to a thumbdrive on the Tesla Model 3.

The Video leading up to the incident shows no traffic, or any reason the driver of a white pickup truck has been otherwise provoked. The footage shows the driver tailgating and then intentionally following a Tesla Model 3 in Reno NV.

The disturbing footage shows the driver throwing their hands into the air as they approach an off ramp with reduced speed markings, coming uncomfortably close to the the Model 3 bumper and camera recording it.

In the next clip, the Model 3 accelerates to get out of the way of the pickup truck, only be tracked and followed into a residential neighborhood. The Tesla driver finally uses the acceleration and performance to lose the driver and avoid confrontation.


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