How does the aerodynamics of the Tesla Cybertruck compare to the Ram and Ford Raptor? As this video shows, the Cybertruck is most likely tops in aero in this trio.

With its blocky design, the topic of aerodynamics quickly became a high-profile center of discussion. Though we can't be certain anyone has gotten the coefficient of drag for the Tesla Cybertruck right yet, we can safely assume it will be among the most aerodynamic trucks ever made. Even Elon Musk commented on this:


This video shows the Tesla Cybertruck being at 0.39 CD, which is far better than the other trucks in the comparison: Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 Raptor.

The 0.39 figure must not be too far off, as Musk added:


We certainly don't expect 0.30 CD from a truck, nor do we care if Tesla hits that figure. Simply being more aerodynamic than any other full-size pickup truck out there today is more than acceptable to us and it seems the Cybertruck delivers in this regard.

Video description and additional comments via Boats And Engines on YouTube:

Testing the Cybertruck, Ford F150 and Dodge Ram aerodynamics, using computational fluid dynamics. In order to find the coefficient of drag, and look at the aerodynamics.

Cybertruck 0.39 cd @ 60mph

Dodge Ram 0.59 cd @ 60mph

Ford F150 0.56 cd @60MPH

All figures are approximations at best, however it gives a good idea which cars have lower drag.

Please bear in mind that the cd figures I have said could be way out! This simulation used old software and potentially inaccurate models. There is a lot of room for error. There are a couple of genuine aerospace engineers saying that the drag is much higher than my results suggest, trust their results not mine!

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