My quest for a used electric car made me get shocked by the prices for replacement batteries. Not only for the Nissan Leaf – which I was not considering, to be honest – but also for the Peugeot iOn. So it was a pleasant surprise to find this Transport Evolved video proposing the same discussion I did on the latter. We need to discuss aftermarket batteries as soon as possible.

Check How Much Nissan Is Charging For Battery Replacements In Portugal And Australia

If we don’t, we’ll be tied to automakers that, as the video correctly points out, are more worried about selling new vehicles than in keeping the old ones running. This may explain why the prices are so high. Either that or they are trying to undermine people’s confidence in electric cars, presented as disposable goods after the battery is dead.

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If you are aware of any companies dedicated to recovering old batteries or even upgrading them, please tell us about them. We would love to write stories warning used EV owners that they are not alone.

Video Description Via Transport Evolved On YouTube:

With more and more plug-in cars on the road, and more and more early (2011-2013) electric cars starting to show signs of wear and tear, used electric cars are now more affordable than ever.

But without a decent replacement battery supply, many of these early electric cars will find themselves retired while still in mechanically good condition. And that could cause a whole slew of problems when it comes to vehicle sustainability.

The answer? Aftermarket battery pack swaps, designed and made by third parties (because for mainstream automakers, battery swaps really aren't worth spending large amounts of money on... especially if you want customers to buy the latest and greatest).

For the used car market though? If we want electric cars to become truly mainstream, aftermarket batteries are the way to go.

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