The Tesla Model X continues its saga with the guys from The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel. This time, they have put it up gainst a Porsche Cayenne Turbo from the previous generation. If the Porsche had any chance of beating the Tesla, it blew it. Literally.

The YouTube channel bought this 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo last October for $22,000, so you do not have to worry about the owner. Unfortunately for it, the car came with Achilles tires, which were not deemed ideal for the test it had against the Tesla Model X.

The Reason This Tesla Model X Was Slow Is An Aerodynamics Class

This test consisted of doing the fastest lap around one of the tracks of the IMI Motor Sports Complex in Dacono, Colorado. TFLCar puts a professional pilot to do that. Unfortunately, they only call him Paul. Is it a worry the competition may contact him?

If it is, thank his helmet. It allowed us to tell you he is Paul F. Gerrard. He has written a book called “Optimum Drive” and has driven for Top Gear both in the US and in the UK. Gerrard is British, but he now lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Do You Know Why This Tesla Model X Is 1 Sec Slower Than It Should Be?

He and Roman Mica set the Model X to its sportier configuration, and off he goes around the track. Despite a lot of understeer and what Gerrard says is an uninvolving drive, the Tesla registers a 1:06.68 time.

Both of them do the same with the Cayenne Turbo. Close to the end of the lap, smoke starts to come up from the back of the Porsche. The only thing Gerrard says during the driving is that the Achilles tires are terrible. Why name a tire brand Achilles? Just to allow Achilles’ heel jokes? Whatever.

tesla model x cool factor

The fact is that the Porsche does a 1:07.75 time around the track. We are not sure it did not go better due to the failure. Luckily, it was nothing with the engine but rather with the PDCC – Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control. Fluid dripped over the hot exhaust pipes and created the smoke.

Will TFLCar repeat this with the Cayenne adequately fixed? Will they call it a day and leave it as it is? Gerrard thinks none of the cars is hot, despite the smoke on the Porsche. In the Model X’s case, because it is not a driver’s car. In the Porsche’s, because of the tires. 

Video Description Via TFLCar On YouTube:

Is the Tesla Model X or a Porsche Cayenne faster in a straight line and around a race track? The answer of course is the car that does not break.

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