Our friend Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) takes every opportunity he can get to make connections and gather up new information about Tesla and essentially everything related to electric cars and sustainable energy. He recently reached out to tech enthusiast and YouTuber Matt Farrell (Undecided with Matt Farrell) to set up an interview.

If you're a Tesla fan, an EV fan in general, and/or a follower of InsideEVs, we're pretty confident you are well-aware of Sean Mitchell and his EV video coverage. However, you may not be as familiar with Matt Ferrell. 


Ferrell has been at the YouTube game for much longer than Mitchell and has attracted a long list of followers. However, he just started covering Tesla more recently. To say that his Tesla and tech coverage is educational and intriguing would be an understatement.

Since the above video is quite long and deals with plenty of topics, Mitchell has posted time stamps below. Check out the fascinating interview and then leave us a comment.Also, scroll down for another brief video share from Mitchell.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) on YouTube:

Matt Ferrell: Tesla app store, Cybertruck metal glass, and solar power

00:00:55 How did you get started with YouTube?
00:01:58 What was the very first video you put up?
00:02:37 How did you transition from your first video to what you’re doing today?
00:04:04 What was the first video that took off for you?
00:04:37 What did you own before a Model 3?
00:04:50 What were some of your first impressions from going from a gas car to a Model 3?
00:06:11What were your first impressions of the single screen on the Model 3?
00:09:15 Do you ever see yourself going back to a gas car again?
00:10:13 When did you add solar to your house?
00:11:14 Are you supplementing all of your electricity usage with solar?
00:11:56 Would you consider home battery storage?
00:13:11 What were your first impressions of Cybertruck?
00:14:07 Can you pinpoint a time where a piece of the has been as polarizing as the Cybertruck?
00:18:16 What were some of your finding regarding Tesla metal glass?
00:23:35 What do you spend your free time doing?
00:24:08 What type of music are you into?
00:24:22 What podcasts are you listing to?
00:24:47 What is a YouTube content creator you’d like to meet in person?
00:25:28 Do you think Tesla should create an app store in their cars?

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