Telsa continues to win accolades from automotive news outlets, but this one is a little different. Time Magazine has just named the Tesla Model S as one of the top ten "gadgets" of the 2010s. 

The Model S is a great car, electric or not, but is it a gadget? Apparently, according to Time Magazine, it is. Read Time explain why that's so:

“Think cars can’t be gadgets? Then you haven’t driven a Tesla Model S — or watched one drive up to you. The electric sedan has slowly reshaped the trajectory of the automotive industry, forcing competitors to embrace a battery-powered future instead of the gas-guzzling present, and challenging the belief that electric cars can’t be cool. Features like downloadable software updates, a huge touchscreen display, and advanced autopilot capabilities make it feel like a vehicle from 2022 instead of 2012. Think of the Tesla Model S as the iPod of cars — if your iPod could do zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds.” - Time

Personally, I agree, it is a high-tech gadget, and others in the industry also agree.  I recently had a conversation with BYTON's CTO, David Twohig and he basically said the same thing about high-tech cars. In fact, BYTON refers to their M-Byte SUV as "the next generation smart device", not even as a car. That's where the industry is going and Tesla should be credited for helping to pave the way. 

Unlike other cars, the Model S keeps upgrading and getting better with over the air software upgrades, and has managed to remain fresh even though the model is now seven years old, as Teslarati explains:

One thing that remains quite remarkable with the Tesla Model S is the sheer timelessness of the vehicle. Tesla has continuously rolled out improvements for the Model S since its initial release more than seven years ago, yet the exterior and interior of the vehicle has remained relatively the same. Despite this, the Model S remains the gold standard for premium all-electric sedans when it comes to features, range, and performance. 

What do you think, is the Model S a gadget? Should cars be included in gadget lists like this, or should they be limited to consumer electronics like iPods and Nintendo devices? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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