Last July 15, we told you about a very special Tesla Model S P85+. It had just broken the 900,000 km (559,350 miles) barrier. The owner, Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen, expected to break the one million km mark this year, and he actually did it this November 28. With the presence of the Guinness Book of Records to document that in Hornberg, Germany.


The video above was shot by the T&T Emobility, Ove Kröger YouTube channel especially in English – it is normally in German. And it helps us understand the whole saga Von Gemmingen had with it.

He bought this Model S in 2014. It was a used car, already with 30,000 km in the odometer. His new owner drives a lot, so the car’s mileage kept growing and that started to attract people’s attention. A long, but also bumpy road.

The car is currently using its 4th electric motor. The current one is holding well after 680,000 km. It is also the only one the car has since we are talking about an RWD unit. Anyway, it had to go to the shop three times to have so many km crossed, but not only that. It is also in its 3rd battery pack.


Von Gemmingen says his former batteries started to have problems when the car had 290,000 km. Tesla needed half a year to replace it, so he got a loaner battery for this period and did more 150,000 km with it. That was when he got the final battery pack installed, currently with 470,000 km. He counts only two of them, but we think the loaner battery also deserves some recognition.

The problem with these numbers is that there must be something missing. The 290,000 km plus 150,000 km would make the car have 440,000 km when it got the current battery pack. If it is actually on the EV for the last 470,000 km, it would be “only” a 910,000-km, short of the one million km mark by 90,000 km. We hope Von Gemmingen can explain that to us in the future.


Now that it reached the magic number with the Guinness Book of Records to certify that, Von Gemmingen wants to keep his car. He will probably be the Irv Gordon of electric mobility. His next goals are one million mi (1.6 million km) and two million km with his Model S P85+. He also has a Roadster, currently with 633,599 km.


Asked about tips he had to keep electric cars running smoothly, Von Gemmingen advised always charging at low speed and Supercharging only for long distances. If your car's battery pack is above 10 percent charge and only up to 90 percent of charge. Will we see more people trying to break his record? We hope so.

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