Tesla Model 3 takes several kW for heating...if needed.

Tech Forum checked out how much energy a Tesla Model 3 would need to heat the cabin at 52°F (11.1 °C) with general heating maxed, while the driver's seat heater is set for a single bar.

The car was connected to the grid, but charging was scheduled for a later time, which enabled us to see how much out of the available 32 amps the Tesla took for heating purposes.

As it turns out, it took around 4,800 W - around 20 A at 240 V (although at the beginning of the video it was even higher by 1-2 kW, up to 27 A).

When the general heating was off, the driver's seat heater (set at one bar) used roughly 500 W (2 A at 240 V). That would mean general heating needed over 4,300 W.

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