Tesla parts catalog now available

Tesla just released to the general public a Parts Catalog with all parts for all four of its cars (Model S, Model X, Model 3 and the first-generation Roadster).

It enables one to search for parts and see some drawings for repairs on their own (or new projects/conversions). Hopefully, Tesla will not make it troublesome for those who want to order parts and do repairs, although we know from the past that in many cases Tesla required taking cars to a service center to approve the work (or disable some stuff like Supercharging access or even the whole car).

The move probably is part of the broader “Right to Repair” wave, which obliges manufacturers to make repairs by 3rd parties possible. Other automakers (who haven't done so already) will open their diagnostic codes and repair data to the public.

"The “Right to Repair”, which primarily aims to force electronic manufacturers to sell replacement parts and make their diagnostic and service manuals available to independent repair shops and consumers, is gaining some traction.It is starting to make its way into several state legislatures, but for vehicles, it’s currently only in place in Massachusetts, which is why it’s the only state where Tesla owners can register to access repair manuals, service documents, wiring diagrams, and part information."

Source: Electrek

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