Just recently, Tesla finally released Version 9 of its Full Self-Driving Beta technology. Reportedly, some 2,000 Tesla owners are currently driving their cars with the technology to test it and provide feedback. Eventually, the tech is supposed to be "shipped" to all FSD-capable Tesla cars.

One of the most active FSD Beta testers, Chris from Michigan (aka DirtyTesla), has been rolling out lengthy and detailed videos showing the ins and outs of the advanced driver-assist system. He decided to take a trip to the Auburn Hills, Michigan area to show Sandy Munro his Tesla Model Y and the FSD Version 9 technology.

Munro isn't really a tech guy, and he didn't seem all that interested or excited about Tesla's Full Self-Driving capability in the past. In fact, the esteemed teardown expert had a bit of a bad experience with the software early on. However, in January 2021, Munro had the opportunity to experience the latest iteration of Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta system with beta tester Tesla Owners Silicon Valley. Needless to say, he was quite impressed.

If Tesla FSD Beta Version 9 is really a vast improvement over the tech as it performed in January 2021, we assume Munro will notice. However, FSD Beta testers like Chris get to see the progress since they drive the cars every day and keep track of changes. Munro only has the memories of his previous experiences, as well as Chris' dialogue to go on.

The two take a 15-minute drive through mixed traffic and a variety of roads. The car is navigating itself as the guys chat about Tesla and FSD in general. As you can see in the video, the car handles nearly every situation itself, and the video is not riddled with interventions. The conversation between Chris and Sandy is arguably even more interesting and helpful than the drive itself, since Munro has a habit of asking the right questions, and Chris doesn't appear to have his answers scripted.

The only way to really understand how it all plays out is to watch the video. Once you've seen it, head to the comment section and start a conversation. What do you think? Are you impressed? Disappointed?

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