Today we noticed that Tesla again adjusted its estimated delivery time of all four electric car models in the U.S., and there is a pattern.

Compared to the previous report about the Model 3/Model Y prices, and Model S/Model X prices the company has increased the estimated delivery time of non-Performance versions of each car, while the top of the line versions now has the same or shorter times.

The Model 3/Model Y Long Range AWD cars are now expected in November (new orders). The Standard Range Plus Model 3 also went a bit up, while the Model S/Model X Long Range are now set for February-March 2022!

It appears to us that Tesla notes the highest demand for its non-performance cars and this is why the company multiple times increased their prices and extended the expected delivery time. At the same time, the high-margin, top-of-the-line versions maintain their prices and probably are prioritized on the production line (shorter estimated delivery time).

Estimated delivery time (new orders):

Tesla Model 3:

  • Standard Range Plus: 8-14 weeks (up from 7-13 weeks)
  • Long Range: November (up from 10-16 weeks)
  • Performance: 5-9 weeks [basically September] (down from 7-11 weeks)

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range: November (up from no data / previously October)
  • Performance: 7-9 weeks [basically October] (down from 7-11 weeks)

Tesla Model S:

  • Long Range: February-March 2022 (up from September-October)
  • Plaid: September-October

Tesla Model X:

  • Long Range: February-March 2022 (up from January-February in May)
  • Plaid: January-February (stable since May)

If nothing changes, the Q4 production of the Model 3/Model Y Long Range versions might be sold out before Q4 even starts.

Hopefully, next year will bring us some price reductions to increase availability for a broader customer base and improve competition.

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