Ever since Project Loveday, we have worked to share many amateur Tesla ads and related items. Tesla doesn't make its own ads, rather, it relies on Elon Musk's social media presence – as well as that of fans and owners of its car – to promote the brand.

In many cases, this just means Tesla fans and owners are making videos and talking about the brand on social media, often to combat negative stories in the media. However, in some cases, Tesla fans take this to a whole new level. 

We recently shared a story sent to us by Billy Crammer, whose spec ad edits have now mysteriously appeared on a massive billboard in Times Square. Now, we have another similar share. A video game trailer has appeared online, and it features the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and next-gen Tesla Roadster.


The short was created and shared on Twitter by NutT4y. It was created for Tencent Games and Tesla China. As you can see, the maker included Tesla CEO Elon Musk to get his attention. In many cases, folks try to get Musk to notice their tweets, but more importantly, they want Musk to "like" the tweet, or even better, retweet it.

Musk doesn't often like or retweet most of the social media posts that come his way, but he certainly does on occasion. And, if it weren't for the CEO liking, sharing, and retweeting, the whole "fans do the advertising" situation wouldn't have nearly as much reach.

Fortunately for @NutT4y, Musk went way above and beyond, probably since he's a huge fan of video games. Rather than simply liking, sharing, or retweeting the video, Musk actually tweeted it out himself. When Musk tweets something himself, it has much more reach than his replies, likes, shares, etc. It basically says, "Elon Musk approves this message." Check out the tweet below:


What's with the spelling? "Cybrrrtruck"

Perhaps it's a typo, but we don't think so. Will Tesla change the name of the Cybertruck to Cybrrrtruck? That's not likely either. Chances are, this is just Musk's way of getting people talking and asking questions, which is something he's proven successful at for years.

At any rate, check out the videos above and then leave us a comment below.

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