As you'll see in the video below, a diesel pickup truck driver not only intentionally coal-rolls a Tesla, but also puts people's lives at risk. He swerves back and forth on the highway, cuts the driver off repeatedly while blowing the black soot at the car, and worst of all, he slams on his brakes in the process.

Brake-checking, swerving, and cutting someone off on the highway are already very ignorant and dangerous behaviors. Add the fact that the intentional coal-rolling makes it harder for the Tesla driver to see, and we have a recipe for disaster here. Keep in mind, the person driving the car is a young woman with a child in tow. We can't even imagine how this truck driver would have felt if he caused an accident that killed a child.

For people who aren't really familiar with coal-rolling, it basically means the diesel pickup truck driver had the truck modified to intentionally spew back soot into the air. Once a vehicle has been modified to do this, it just takes a push on the gas pedal to fill the air with smelly black soot, which not only makes it difficult to see, but also leaves dirty residue on everything it lands on.

While coal-rolling is nothing new, it seems there's a recent trend among certain diesel pickup truck owners to intentionally coal-roll Tesla vehicles, which makes perfect sense from the perspective of a stupid and ignorant diesel driver. This driver already went to great lengths to make his truck even worse for the environment, so why not also use it to target "clean" vehicles. Moreover, Tesla's vehicles are easy to spot as they stand out among the crowd and don't look like any other vehicles on the road.


Fortunately, all Tesla vehicles come standard with a built-in dashcam (TeslaCam), which can be used to capture footage of such incidents to share with the police. We sure hope this Tesla owner reported the incident and the truck driver is charged.

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