In the second quarter of 2021, Nissan reports a strong 73.8% year-over-year sales increase in the U.S., to 280,282 units, from a low level in 2020.

An interesting thing is that the Nissan LEAF noted the strongest growth among all Nissan vehicles, growing 358% year-over-year to 4,804 units (best result since the Q2 2015)! That's 1.7% of the entire volume or 4.8% of Nissan passenger cars.

We guess that the transactional prices must be very attractive if the aging LEAF is able to increase so much in a much more competitive environment.

Nissan LEAF sales in the U.S. through Q2 2021


After six months of this year, Nissan LEAF sales amounted to 7,729 (up 157% year-over-year). The cumulative sales result stands at 159,200.

Nissan LEAF offer:

Model Base Price Dest. Charge Tax Credit Effective Price
2021 Nissan LEAF S (40 kWh) $31,670 +$950 $7,500 $25,120
2021 Nissan LEAF e+ S (62 kWh) $38,270 +$950 $7,500 $31,720
2021 Nissan LEAF e+ SV/SL (62 kWh) $40,520 +$950 $7,500 $33,970

The next generation electric car from Nissan in the U.S. - the Ariya - is delayed until 2022, which means that the Japanese manufacturer will have to glide with the LEAF a little bit longer.

That's not particularly good news, although Nissan might reinforce its EV lineup with another EV in a few years (a second, "global" model was recently announced for Europe).

The problem with the late switch to next generation EVs is that the company will have to basically start without the $7,500 federal tax credit, which for example is very important for the Volkswagen ID.4.

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