Since you likely follow the EV segment, you're probably aware that Rivian delayed its R1T and R1S vehicles from June 2021 to July, and then more recently, the startup electric pickup truck maker pushed them back once again to Septmember 2021. However, the company has made it clear that its unique and exciting Amazon electric delivery van is still on track as initially planned.

We've reported on the Rivian Amazon van many times, as it has been seen out testing in California. Testing started in just a few cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and has since expanded to other states, including Colorado and Oklahoma. Now, the electric van has been spotted in Michigan.

As you may know, Rivian has several locations around the globe, but Michigan has been one of its main hubs for some time. Added to that, Detroit is still arguably considered the heart of the US auto industry, so this all makes sense. In addition, Rivian needs to continue adding key locations to its list of test cities, since its goal is to test in at least 16 cities before it officially launches the Amazon electric van.

According the Automotive News via Teslarati, a Rivian engineer was riding in the electric van that was spotted in Michigan. He told the publication that the electric vans are now testing in the Detroit area. He also said that the vans in Michigan were assembled at Rivian's Plymouth, Michican design center, which we visited in the past for our first look at the R1T and R1S.

Amazon is one of many companies that has invested in Rivian, and the online retailer ordered 100,000 vans for the future. Rivian intends to make about 10,000 electric vans for Amazon in 2022.

Have you seen a Rivian Amazon electric delivery van in your neighborhood? Some of us at InsideEVs live in Michigan, so we'll be keeping our eyes out. In the meantime, check out the Rivian van testing in Los Angeles.

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