There are EV startups and then there’s Alpha Motor Corporation. We first heard of the California-based company in December 2020, when it announced the Ace electric coupe.

Since then, Alpha has unveiled the Ace Performance coupe, Jax all-terrain crossover, the Wolf single cab pickup, the Wolf+ extended cab pickup, and now, the Superwolf crew cab truck. The problem with all these models based on the same platform is they exist solely in the digital realm, as Alpha hasn’t built prototypes of any of them.

The company proved unusually secretive when we asked for details about its “proprietary modular technology,” battery supplier, management, and reservation process, so until Alpha Motor becomes more transparent about its business we can’t really recommend anyone to pre-order one of its EVs.

That’s a shame because we really like the design of the models the startup has shown so far, and the Superwolf is no exception. Riding on the same platform as the Wolf+ (and the Wolf, Jax, and Ace), the Superwolf crew cab truck is described as a multipurpose adventure vehicle that brings more utility, interior space, and customizability than the extended cab pickup.

Gallery: Alpha Motor Superwolf Crew Cab Electric Truck Official Renderings

It comes with four full-sized doors, a four-passenger cabin, and a large truck bed with 40 cubic feet (1,132 liters) of storage. According to Alpha Motor, the Superwolf is built using steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, and has a towing capacity of 3,050 kg (6,724 lbs). The company also mentions 75 or 85 Kilowatt-hour Lithium-Ion batteries offering an estimated 275–300 miles (442–483 km) of range, and a dual-motor 4WD system enabling a zero to 60 mph time of 6.5 seconds.

The Superwolf is said to be 214 inches (5,450 mm) long, 79 in (1,995 mm) wide, and 69 in (1,760 mm) high. As for the truck bed, it measures 65 in (1,652 mm) in length, 59 in (1,490 mm) in width, and 18 in (458 mm) in depth. Mind you, a truck bed extension hitch can add 40 in (1,016 mm) of bed length.

In the many renderings it released, Alpha Motor showcases the Superwolf with an array of accessories including off-road lighting from Rigid Industries, KM545 Trek mesh wheels or KM718 Summit beadlock wheels (both from Wheel Pros), Mountain Top retractable tonneau cover, and Heimplanet durable transport crate patterned with geodesic dimension. 

Finally, Alpha even talks pricing, with the Superwolf said to start at $48,000 equipped with the smaller battery and $56,000 with the larger pack (before credits). As we said before when talking Alpha Motor, we really want to believe.

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