Alpha Motor Corporation recently presented its fourth project, the Alpha Wolf+. The electric pickup truck is a derivative of the Alpha Wolf with an extended cab, which would use the same platform as the Jax, which would use the architecture of the Ace, the company’s first project. Four new electric cars from a company that nobody knows much about. We sent Alpha some questions, and the company refused to answer most of them. We needed to investigate.

Update: Edward Y. Lee got in touch with InsideEVs to clarify he is not of Chinese descent and not associated in any way with Alpha Motor Corporation. The text has been updated to reflect that.

The only thing Alpha Motor Corporation decided to share was that it is based in Irvine, California. Its excuse not to answer our other questions was that its corporate policy does not allow it to “publicize details of the investment.” It said it would “make this information publicly available” once it achieves some milestones it also did not disclose.

This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

The problem is that the only question we made related to investments was how its reservation process works. If you are interested in any of the four cars, you fill a form at the company’s website and receive the following message: “Thank you. Your reservation request is confirmed. We will contact you in due course with more information to complete the reservation process.” 

Alpha ACE
Alpha Wolf Compact Electric Pickup Truck
Alpha Jax electric CUV (front three-quarters)
Alpha Motor Corporation Presents The Wolf+ Extended Cab In CGI

Our other doubts referred to who will supply its batteries, who is the company’s CEO, when was it founded, which is the “proprietary modular technology” it claims to have developed, and which will be the first prototype it will build. Concerning the reservation process, we wanted to know how much the company is asking for it and if it is refundable or not.

In internet forums such as the Rivian Forum, some commenters said Alpha Motor Corporation only had two people working for it. Another user said that "D&B has them at 3." The company's own LinkedIn page, seen in the main image in this article, states it has 11 to 50 employees.

Gallery: This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

With no answers, we tried to discover more about Alpha Motor Corporation. We searched about it on Google, and it says its headquarters is at 530 Technology Dr. Suite 100, Irvine, California, like the company stated. With the help of Google Maps, we discovered this is the Discovery Park Irvine Spectrum address, a workplace renting company.

Suite 100 is occupied by Spaces The Squad, another coworking company that offers multiple plans for offices, from a physical space (costing $430 per person monthly) to a virtual office ($103 per person, also every month). We asked the company if Alpha Motor Corporation is one of its clients and it confirmed the EV startup is among them.

This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

Still with the help of the internet, we found the trademarks that Alpha Motor Corporation owns. Apart from those related to the vehicles it already presented and some of its mottos (“Move Humanity,” “Accelerate Innovation For Humanity,” and “Purpose Driven Mobility), there are trademarks for a Super Wolf Electric Truck (we bet on a crew cab project), an Alpha Icon, an Ares GT, and something called Alpha Go!, which seems to be related to autonomous driving technologies. There are 15 trademarks for the company.

This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

These documents confirm the address of the company we found on the Google search and say it is actually a company constituted in Delaware. Searching for Alpha Motor Corporation at the State of Delaware’s Division of Corporations, we found some more information about the EV startup, registered there on August 20, 2020, under the number 3494351.

This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

But this is not the more relevant information the trademarks brought to the table. It was the only name associated with the company so far: Lee Edward Y. This man is listed as one of the applicants for 8 of the 15 trademarks. It also presents a mailing address in Tustin, California.

Lee Edward Y is an attorney. Searching for the name, we discovered a lawyer in California called Edward Y. Lee. He has a page at, a classified ad only in Chinese, and he’s specialized in personal injury law and criminal defense.

Both his offices’ addresses are different than that one presented on the patent. Yet, his office has the internet URL. That's similar to one of the companies registered by the Edward Y. Lee who had the trademarks for Alpha Motor Corporation: EYLART LLC, according to Bizapedia. The other one was Alpha EV LLC, which we suppose was the predecessor of Alpha Motor Corporation.

This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation
This Is All We Discovered So Far About Alpha Motor Corporation

Despite the coincidence, the Edward Y. Lee from EYLLaw contacted InsideEVs to say he is just a namesake and not related to Alpha Motor Corporation in any way. The search continues. If there is anyone that can tell us more about the company’s plans, that’s the correct Edward Y. Lee.

At the same time, if the company was willing to share this information, it would already have done that. We hope it changes its mind and tells us more about what it is, what it wants, and how it plans to get there because we truly do like the designs of its electric vehicles, but we need to know more about the company before we can recommend anyone reserving one of its products.

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