The Alpha Motor Corporation continues to present new products. The latest one can be seen in the CGI video above. Called Wolf+, it is an extended cab version of the Wolf electric pickup truck the startup presented on March 12. Their first project, the Ace, was presented on December 21, 2020. Yet, we have not seen a single working prototype so far.

In that sense, Alpha is very much like the Maple Majestic, which had the advantage of at least having a scale model to present. In Alpha’s case, all we have are skilled computer-generated images.

Alpha Motor Corporation Presents The Wolf+ Extended Cab In CGI

Although the Wolf+ is already on the company's reservation page, Alpha has no info on who its current investors are. It only has a page inviting you to become one. The company also did not name who will source its intended 75 kWh to 85 kWh battery packs. Its press releases do not name a single executive involved with the company. All statements are from the Alpha Motor Corporation.

Whenever you present a new idea or a new product, technical specifications or nice design are all second to credibility. Rivian only introduced itself to the world after it had something concrete to present, backed up by companies such as Amazon, Ford, and Cox.

Gallery: Alpha Motor Corporation Presents The Wolf+ Extended Cab In CGI

In Alpha’s case, it seems to have relied on the nice retro design of its cars to try to build a business from there. As attractive as the Ace, Jax, and Wolf are, they do not seem to be much more than an idea at this point. If they are, Alpha so far failed to present them as such.

We got in touch with the company’s PR department to learn more about investors, executives, and everything that can give it the credibility it needs to move forward as a successful enterprise.

Alpha Motor Corporation Presents The Wolf+ Extended Cab In CGI

For the time being, regardless of how excited you are about the vehicles, we’d suggest you resist the temptation of putting any money into reserving any of Alpha’s vehicles. On the company’s reservation page, Alpha currently only asks for your name and email address and warns it will contact you with “more information to complete the reservation process.” If that means any sort of deposit, it would be wise to wait.

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