Tesla is constantly adding new and innovative features to its cars, and Volkswagen has made it clear time and time again that Tesla is its target. To draw attention to its electric cars and woo new potential buyers, VW is now highlighting the special features found in its ID.4 electric SUV.

Electric vehicles are known for their state-of-the-art technology, though this is not only true of the cars' powertrains but also their useful features. EVs cost more than gas cars, so they're typically better equipped, with the latest tech features coming standard in the base model.

As competition heats up in the EV space, new technology and unique features will arguably be paramount. This is primarily thanks to Tesla's over-the-air software update technology, which it uses to add new and exciting features on a continuous basis.

Volkswagen's latest press release lists and explains 10 features the brand calls "surprisingly smart." The point here is that all the new features and tech found in EVs can be overwhelming to some. VW's goal is to make all the features as simple, user-friendly, and useful as possible. The list is as follows:

  1. Set the mood
  2. Navigate like a pro
  3. Heat your seat
  4. Crack a joke
  5. Get some air
  6. Control the cabin atmosphere
  7. Rearrange your cupholders
  8. Set your favorites
  9. You can see clearly now
  10. Is this thing off?

As you can clearly see, some of these features are quite obvious, and far from unique. However, others are arguably innovative and may require some explanation. For example, "Set the Mood" deals with interior ambient lighting, "Crack a Joke" turns your ID.4 into a comedian, and "You can see clearly now" not only cleans your window but also clears the backup camera lens with a high-powered water jet.

Perhaps the least-exciting but most useful feature to new EV owners: "Is this thing off?" Volkswagen writes:

"Since it’s always quiet, the ID.4 can confirm when its driver exits the vehicle with a friendly goodbye chime. And because of Volkswagen’s attention to detail, you can adjust the chime volume, so it’s just right."

Let us know what you think of these 10 features. Which do you think is the best feature? If you could consult with VW, what features would you encourage it to add to its upcoming EVs?

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