Tesla Model Y owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw published a video recently that talked about all the quality and fit and finish issues he's had with his new Model Y. He reported that Tesla was actually unable to fix most of them. Some fixes were temporary or not actually fixes at all, while other fixes were not even available yet.

Not long after we published a story about Shaw's Model Y, we published a similar story about Ben Sullins'. In the end, we said you shouldn't hesitate to buy the car since the positives outweigh the negatives. The issues can be fixed, it's just a huge hassle, not to mention time-consuming. In the above video, Shaw shares that Tesla was able (or will soon be able) to fix his Model Y, after three months.

Let's be clear about something here. Shaw, Sullins, and InsideEVs are making it clear that some Model Y owners are finding issues with their cars. They wish they would have been made aware before taking delivery, so they wouldn't have ended up with a hassle down the road. If you're planning on buying a Model Y, do your homework on potential concerns, inspect the car very carefully, and demand that it's in tip-top shape before you take ownership. If there are problems and Tesla is unwilling to address, request another car.

Shaw says the service center shouldn't have to deal with these problems. Instead, the cars should be right when they come off the assembly line. His service center told him they aren't surprised by the issues. They said this is common across the board with the Model Y. However, since they're aware, the automaker is making improvements and updating fixes. His advice is to either do your research and be aware of what issues to look out for, and/or wait a few months until Tesla gets this all worked out.

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