Ryan Shaw hasn't had his Tesla Model Y very long, it has plenty of issues, and apparently Tesla can't, won't, or hasn't yet been able to help. He says:

"Tesla is full steam ahead, back at it making cars, which is a double-edged sword. The Model Y is being delivered with lots of issues."

Shaw is an admitted Tesla fan and a Model Y owner. He's clearly rooting for the automaker. However, unlike some hardcore Tesla fans, he's not willing to lie about the company and its cars in an attempt to protect it.

Shaw says the bottom line is Tesla is delivering cars with issues, its quality control isn't the best, and "almost nobody will argue that point." He adds that most owners have a great experience overall, they love EVs (Tesla makes the best EVs), and they love Autopilot, so it's still worth it to them to own these cars, despite their quality issues.

Honest Tesla fans like Shaw should be more than willing to expose issues to help Tesla improve. If you really care about Tesla's future, you own its products, and perhaps you even invest in the company, wanting it to do better should be a priority.

Shaw's laundry list of issues includes, but it not limited to:

  • Missing paint
  • Improper rear seat alignment
  • Loose trim
  • Fault hatch sensor
  • Window rolling down incorrectly (which ripped the car's trim)
  • Squeaky rear headrests
  • Rattling rear seats
  • Improperly connected front headlight

Tesla has tried (but failed) to fix some of these issues. Some were fixed temporarily or "sort of" fixed. The service center hasn't been able to even try fixing some of the issues since there's not actually a fix developed yet. Clearly, this is a mess for Shaw, and any other Tesla owners who are dealing with the same situation.

Hopefully, Tesla makes notable improvements, and sooner rather than later. We know CEO Elon Musk has prioritized Model Y production and hopes to "minimize rectification needs." On one hand, pushing to speed up production could lead to more issues. On the other hand, if he's aware of the issues and putting an emphasis on better build quality, we could see future improvements.

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