We've published some articles lately about Tesla owners pointing out flaws or quality issues with their new Model Y. When we report on such information, many people get mad. They say these issues are made up, or are one-off problems, or are just for clicks. Sure, if one individual has a problem, it doesn't mean it exists across the lineup, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be apprised so you don't end up in the same boat.

The above be especially true if those reporting the problems are not actually Tesla owners, or are people with a track record of bashing Tesla for clicks, etc. However, lately, the information we've shared has come via long-standing Tesla fans who are active in the community, such as Andy Slye, Ryan Shaw, and now Ben Sullins. We're talking about people who have owned multiple Tesla vehicles, have been Tesla cheerleaders in the past, and will probably continue to support the company no matter what.

While there are certainly many Tesla fans who are concerned about reporting anything negative and who criticize anyone in their circles that refuses to say every Tesla is 100-percent perfect, Slye, Shaw, and Sullins would rather help future owners by being honest and upfront about issues they've experienced. If people are made aware ahead of time, they can take a closer look when they're taking delivery. In the end, this should help more people have better experiences with their Tesla vehicles, rather than add to the list of those reporting problems.

In the grand scheme of things, it should also get Tesla's attention. Tesla has relied on fans and owners like these guys for years. They have helped grow the brand. They have every right to expect that a $68,000, which is practically Tesla's second time around with the car (the Model Y is much like the Model 3, which Tesla has spent years improving), would have fewer quality control concerns.

Should you still follow through with your Model Y order and take delivery? Of course, the positives vastly outweigh these small issues. However, check out Ben Sullins's video first to potentially save yourself some future hassle.

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