Sandy Munro's Tesla Cybertruck competitive analysis video series continues with Episode 4 - Interior. In this segment, Munro reviews pickup truck interior designs of the past, present, and future. He looks at the instrument and door panels, seating, center consoles, HVAC systems, safety restraints, and electronics. 

Since the Cybertruck that Tesla has been showing around probably doesn't have the full production interior, Sandy focuses more on the competition's products, which is what the competitive analysis series is really all about. 

Sandy refers to the Cybertruck's interior as having "exposed design" because the dashboard is simple and clean without any design elements other than the center infotainment screen. He also speculates that it will likely have HVAC vents like the Model 3 and Model Y because the prototype doesn't appear to have any HVAC vents at all. 

Munro takes a look at the interior of the three pickup trucks he purchased for the Cybertruck competitive analysis series and talks about various aspects of their interiors. He also takes a walk down memory lane and explains how pickup trucks of the past were work vehicles, not the uber-luxury high-end driving machines they are today.

Sandy Munro Cybertruck

The one thing that Sandy does point out as being a bad idea on the Cybertruck is the half- steering wheel. That kind of steering wheel isn't legal even if Tesla wanted to use it, which I'm sure they wouldn't.

I actually drove a car recently that had that kind of steering wheel, the concept Mercedes EQS, and it was terrible. (the steering wheel, not the car) It's nearly impossible to drive the vehicle with that kind of steering wheel, so I'm not surprised to learn that it's not an approved steering wheel design. Tesla used it for the prototype the same as Mercedes did, just to make the concept look more futuristic. 

Sandy goes on to talk about crash testing and electronics and offers why he isn't a fan of the Chevy Silverado's interior, while he does like the interiors in the Ford and Dodge trucks. He also offers his thought on why the legacy OEMs are slow to make radical changes, like what the Cybertruck offers. 

There's more of Sandy's thoughts on pickup truck interior design packed in the video, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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