Rich Benoit started building his Tesla Cyberquad replica before we even called the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The outbreak delayed many things, including the delivery of components. Things are not back to normal even if some people pretend they are, but cautious human beings are getting there, as Benoit shows. The same applies to his Cyberquad. Although it can move around, it won't. Not yet, at least.

This video shows all the issues Rich Rebuilds faced to get to this point. Motherboards turned to ashes, the wiring had to be extended, and a donor Zero motorcycle had to show up before the Cyberquad replica could evolve.

It is a pity the Zero battery pack was too big to allow the motor to be installed within the frame. That put it over the rear axle, which will increase sprung mass. Benoit is the first to recognize that, but he could find no other way to do it. A custom battery pack could be the answer, but we imagine that could increase the price of the project beyond a reasonable amount. For the record, that is probably already the case.

Although there were many difficulties in the way – and Benoit must have spent a reasonable amount of cash to get past them – we know this youtuber is not the kind of guy that gives up on something that easily. We bet Benoit would rather cut… part of his body off before he did that. In the video, you'll get the impression that he actually did, but that is just for you to laugh out loud. We did.

Tesla Cyberquad From Rich Rebuilds Finally Can Move Around

What is left to solve is an issue with the chain and the sprockets for Benoit's Cyberquad to have it in the right tension. Solving that seems to be what is left for the presentation of the Cyberquad in its final shape. That would leave us with one more video about the electric ATV or at maximum two – if Benoit dedicates one for solving these issues and a final one to show the final assembly and some fun riding the vehicle.

Although things do not usually go as planned – that is almost always the case – they can end up the way we wanted them to. What changes is just the path to get there. With proper planning, creativity, and planning, we can either beat COVID-19 or build a Cyberquad, as Benoit showed. We can avoid grief and funerals most of the time – even if Jake's was inevitable.

Source: Rich Rebuilds

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