Rich Benoit, from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, started a new EV conversion project, but it is not merely about making something powered by a combustion engine go electric. Benoit is curiously following Tesla’s step in creating the Cyberquad, the ATV that went to the Cybertruck bed when the electric pickup truck made its premiere. In the process, apparently, he discovered he no longer had free supercharging. But how are these things related? We’ll get there.

The story starts with Benoit making fun of Elon Musk’s speaking skills and showing how successful the Cybertruck was despite the broken glasses. Check the exact moment below.

He made the math and saw that the more than 500,000 reservations for the electric pickup truck gave Tesla an interest-free loan of $50 million. Matt Farah already spoke about that as well.

Gallery: Rich Rebuilds Will Make A Cyberquad, Loses Free Supercharging

That is when Benoit notices no one spoke anything about the Cyberquad so far. There are no specs, no range, no power… Nothing. But the youtuber is a well-related person and discovered the Cyberquad was based on the Yamaha Raptor 700R.

Rich Rebuilds Will Make A Cyberquad, Loses Free Supercharging

Benoit decided to buy one to make precisely what Tesla seems to have done: convert the Yamaha quad to an electric ATV. We thought he would search for a salvage Raptor 700R, but he probably thought that would be a bad idea after his experience buying a salvage Zero S motorcycle.

Rich Rebuilds Will Make A Cyberquad, Loses Free Supercharging

The youtuber and Electrified Garage partner got a used one and seized the opportunity to present Delores to the seller. The Model S was responsible for towing the ATV to Benoit’s garage, and it was at that point that he seemingly realized he did not have free supercharging anymore.

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Benoit already spoke a little about this in a fantastic video about Tesla’s new Unsupported Vehicle Policy. Sadly, this policy hit him right after he talked about it with his viewers. We are sure there is another video related to this about to be published.

Rich Rebuilds Will Make A Cyberquad, Loses Free Supercharging

This first video about the Cyberquad project was just about disassembling the Raptor 700R. What will the electric ATV have to move it around? Will Benoit buy another salvage Zero motorcycle to use its parts? Will he develop something with other components? We will follow this new project carefully.

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