Sandy Munro wraps up his Tesla Cybertruck competitive comparison video series, taking a look at the ride and drive aspects of the competition. Sandy takes each of the three truck competitors for a quick drive and offers his feedback on the quality of the ride.

Sandy drives the Chevrolet Silverado first, then the Ford F150, followed by the Dodge Ram. He only takes them on a short drive through the parking lot of his facility and around the block. He notes that he can't add too many miles on the vehicles because he's renting them from a local dealer for the comparative video series. 

Sandy's favorite of the three is the Dodge Ram. He liked the interior, the driving characteristics and comfort of the Ram the most. His least favorite was the Chevrolet Silverado, which also happens to be the least expensive. 

I don't really understand what was going on when they designed this thing, but this is not a truck that I would buy - Sandy Munro on the Chevrolet Silverado
Munro Cybertruck comparison

The cost of the competition - (Note: we don't know exactly how each vehicle was spec'd, so it's not really a fair price comparison without that info)

  • Chevy Silverado: $66,000
  • Ford F150: $75,000
  • Dodge Ram: $69,000

Compared to the Cybertruck - (Note: base price only, before options)

  • Single Motor: $39,900
  • Dual Motor: $49,990
  • Tri-Motor $69,900

Based on these prices, it's reasonable to assume that a fully-loaded dual-motor AWD Cybertruck will probably cost less than a fully-loaded version of any of these competitors.

If anyone at Tesla would like to give us one for a little while we'll be happy to drive it around for a while and tell you what we actually think. 

Sandy also makes a pitch for Tesla to provide him with the Cybertruck for a short time to do a quick drive and provide his feedback. He adds that it would be good for Tesla as well as for Munro & Associates, with hopes that they see it that way and agree to let him take it for a spin. Elon recently let Jay Leno take the Cybertruck for a spin around Los Angelos, so why not Sandy? 

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