This video captures a crazy GMC Sierra pickup truck driver that basically attacks a Tesla in a fit of . The truck nearly hits the Tesla numerous times.

A word of warning, the video has some foul language and-screen profanity.

As usual, the video clips starts at the moment when the truck driver engages in road rage and we don't get to see if anything else occurred that may have provoked this, but still it's some crazy dangerous driving by the GMC Sierra and on-road antics such as this must come to a stop.

The incident took place in Florida on US 1 where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. As you'll see in the clip, the pickup truck gets right up on the Tesla, almost hitting it from behind.

It doesn't end there though. A while later, the GMC truck driver makes another bolder attempt to run the Tesla off the run. The truck does so by leaving the roadway and making a move onto the shoulder. It appears as though the truck is gonna hit the Tesla this time, but then an obstacle presents itself in the form of a street sign and the truck driver has no choice but to back off. However, the pickup truck can be seen with its wheels turned towards the Tesla perhaps for one last attempt at rage. The Tesla driver wisely leaves.

The Tesla driver reached out to InsideEVs with this comment:

Such idiots out there - this truck almost hit me - I mean seriously close...!

Yes, it was very close. Probably as close as can be without contact.

Video description via Steve Mullholland on YouTube

This truck was pushing way too hard - must have been having a shitty day - which almost got way worse for him.

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