This may well be the very first time one Tesla purposely hit another Tesla. Watch this video footage showing a Model X slam into a stopped Model S in a parking lot presumably in China.

When two Teslas collide

This footage is unique in that it shows two Tesla drivers engage in a form of road rage that's usually associated with one Tesla (caught on TeslaCam) and one car of a completely different make. This time around though, two Tesla engage in a spat of rage and it's caught on a nearby camera.

So, what's the story here? Well, it seems that the driver of the blue Model X was exiting here vehicle and attempting to walk through the parking lot when the Model S comes around the turn and doesn't stop for the pedestrian. Annoyed, the Model X driver returns to her car upon seeing that the Model S is looping the parking lot and will likely be stopped for a bit at the exit.

The blue Model X can be seen exiting the parking spot and then proceeding to follow the path that the Model S took. Once the driver of the Model X catches up to the S, the driver hits the accelerator and slams into the rear of the stopped Model S.

The driver of the Model X doesn't stop with just a bump though. Rather, she continues to push the Model S down the alleyway until it's out of view of the camera. there seems to be no caution towards the bicycle rider either.

We can only assume that the driver of the Model X was annoyed by the fact that the Model S nearly hit her and would be willing to guess that a few words were exchanged too. Regardless, the response was not warranted and the dangers of driving like this are never advised.

This video is believed to be a bit older, but it's the first time we've come across it on YouTube.

Video title via everthingisone1 on YouTube:

Chinese road rage in Tesla 


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