A lane blocking Subaru forces a Lexus to go around it to pass. Later, the Lexus pulls in front of the Subaru and brake checks it. This move makes the Subaru spin out and then the Subaru veers off the road and into the dirt/grass in the middle of the divided highway.

it was all caught on TeslaCam by a Model 3 that managed to stay safe and avoid the wreckage during the incident that took place behind, beside and then in front of the moving Tesla.

Unfortunately, these types of road rage incidents are far too common and, more often than not, the end result is one or more vehicles crashing. Sometimes, even an innocent vehicle that's not involved in the road-raging gets taken out in the process too.

As we see it, the slow-moving Subaru driver should've merged to let the Lexus by. It did not and so the driver of the Lexus made an illegal pass on the right and then moves back over to get in front of the Subaru. The Subaru driver had sped up at this time to try to catch the Lexus. However, the Subaru driver seemed to have plenty of time to slow his/her car down, but instead rides up right behind the Lexus. The Lexus hits the brakes a bit harder and that's when the Subaru driver overacts and loses control of the car.

Video description via Bigbellybuddy on YouTube:

Driver in Subaru refuses to let tailgating Lexus driver pass. Lexus driver uses truck lane to pass me then gets over two lanes to jump in front of Subaru driver. Subaru driver now tailgates Lexus driver who then slams on their brakes sending the Subaru driver into a 360-degree spin and into the median.

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