At InsideEVs, we've received a plethora of recent emails from vehicle owners stating that it's not just Tesla cars that are targeted in a negative manner. It's essentially all obvious luxury vehicles.

Apparently, there's a growing group of folks that don't appreciate or understand wealth and success. Reportedly, they're upset that some people are able to afford Tesla vehicles, BMWs, Audis, Porsches, Mercedes, and the like, so much so that they find peace in keying them, breaking their windows, and purposely raging hard on them on our roadways.

To us, this is just crazy, though not unexpected. Sure, if you can't afford a luxury car, you may be jealous of those who can. At IEV we completely understand that since many of us could never buy a Tesla on our coin. Go ahead, be jealous and upset that some people have found success and monies that you may not ever be able to gather.

But, to take action in a severely negative way is just outright stupid and outrageous. First of all, you may end up hurting yourself and the Tesla driver you aimed to bully. In addition, some other folks who are completely unaware, innocent, and unrelated to the situation could end up being hurt or even killed. Can you even imagine the life you'll lead if you get put in prison for killing someone on the road due to your agenda and uncontrolled temper? Good luck!

In this recent video, a Honda Odyssey driver tailgates, swerves, and works to run a Tesla completely off the road. If there was any confusion about his agenda and intentions, he makes it all too clear by harassing the Tesla driver at a stoplight. He rolls down the window, presents his middle finger, and asks the Tesla owners if they're happy with their piece of junk car. What the heck, dude. Some people need to grow up.

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Video Description via Brendan Do on YouTube:

Tesla Hater Road Rage - TeslaCam

This guy in a Honda Odyssey rides our butt out of nowhere and then starts swerving. Then proceeds to try to run us off the road. Then at the next light decides to start yelling at us and ask if we're happy with the piece of shit that we drive and if we're happy with this big piece of junk. Asking if this piece of junk is any good.

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