This dashcam video catches a Tesla Model S and a Nissan GT-R engaged in some road rage in which each car brake checks the other despite heavy traffic and rainy conditions.

This seems to be the first time we've come across footage of a Tesla partaking in road rage. That's not to say it hasn't happened until now, but rather that most of the videos we've seen in the past show some other car committing some form of road rage against a Tesla.

The tables here are turned, but just a bit. The Tesla is still targeted by another car, but in this video, the Tesla Model S seems to perhaps be the instigator too. In the video, you'll see the Model S exceeding the speed of traffic as it passes the vehicle with the dashcam. Behind the Model S is the Nissan GT-R. The Model S driver then brake checks the Nissan, which forces it to swerve to avoid a wreck.

The driver of the Nissan GT-R then positions the car in front of the Tesla and proceeds to brake check it back. The Nissan doesn't let off the brake though and it appears as though both cars come to almost a complete stop on a busy section of the highway. It's wet too, so this is highly dangerous for the innocent drivers behind these two stopped cars.

Some additional location details, as well as license plate numbers for both vehicles, are revealed in the video description below.


Video description via Marks Dashcam Footage on YouTube:

The 9th of March 2020 on the M25.

These are not your typical boy racer cars. A Nissan and a Tesla yet the drivers are behaving like children. First, the Tesla driver brake checks the Nissan and then the Nissan driver does a quick undertake to brake check the Tesla. All in foul weather at rush hour on a busy London motorway.

I didn't see what led to this but to come to a stop on a running motorway is dangerous.

Tesla - T66 MSC

Nissan - BK11 EOD

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