Once again Tesla's unique onboard dashcam, called Teslacam, comes to the rescue.

Were it not for the cameras, it would be hard to prove that the driver of this Chevy Camaro purposedly made it so that the Tesla would likely rear-end it (perhaps an actual crash wasn't the real intent, but it's an expected outcome).

As you'll witness in the video (flip forward to around the 2:30 mark), the Camaro was apparently tailgating the Tesla before passing it and slamming on the brakes. The Tesla couldn't quite stop in time, so it rear-ended the brake-checking Camaro. However, it's clear from the video that the driver at fault in the one in the Camaro. His actions are reckless and dangerous.

Teslacam to the rescue, as the whole incident, as well as the Camaro's license plate, is caught on camera.

Watch the video to see a few different views from the Tesla's multiple cameras.

Video description via ct3685 on YouTube:

I'm so thankful for my Tesla dashcam footage. This guy was tailgating me for no reason and comes out of nowhere and decides to intentionally cause me to rear-end his car.
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