BMW Group (BMW and MINI brands), as in previous months, released an interesting set of global electromobility charts for the first four months of this year to show its market position within competition. The car registration data comes from IHS Markit.

We must admit that at least in some aspects, the German manufacturer is doing pretty well.

* As usual, the purpose of the presentation is to show the brand's position being higher than the industry average, but let's check what else we can learn from the new set of infographics.

Electromobility In Germany. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

During the opening four months, BMW brand was the second most popular plug-in brand with a market share of 12%.

The biggest player is currently Volkswagen (17%), and, as you can see, the top four is all-German with Audi at 10% and Mercedes-Benz at 9%.


Electromobility In Europe. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

In Europe (most of Europe, to be precise), BMW is at a similar level to Tesla and Volkswagen - all with 10% share. In fourth is Renault at 9%.


Electromobility Globally. Share In New Registrations By Brand.

Globally, BMW's share remains at 7%, equal with Volkswagen, but the clear market leader is only one - Tesla at 24%!


BMW i3 Share In The Compact EV Segment Globally

BMW i3's share in the compact BEV segment this year is now "just" 8% (it was over two times higher last year).

The most popular models are: Renault ZOE (28%), Volkswagen e-Golf (18%) and Nissan LEAF (16%).


Electromobility By Country. Share In The EV Segment. BMW Versus Market-Average.

Plug-in electric car share for the whole of the BMW Group is significantly higher than the industry average in many markets (no change here compared to previous months).

However, in the U.S., so far this year only 4.1% of BMW Group cars were plug-ins, which is noticeably below the market average of 5.5%. That would explain why BMW is no longer releasing sales results for the plug-in segment in the U.S. (we have numbers only for the i3/i8).


Electromobility By Country. Share In New Registrations. BMW EV* Versus BMW ICE.

Finally, BMW Group share in the plug-in segment in particular markets is noticeably higher than the company’s share in the ICE segment, which means that the switch to electric brings a general gain of market share for the group (no change here compared to previous months).

The exception among major markets highlighted in the report is only the U.S. market.

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