Since 2019, the BMW Group (BMW and MINI)'s sales reports gradually offered less and less info about the plug-ins, which was caused by the model changeover and decreasing sales volume in this particular segment.

On top of that, just like most of the industry, BMW switched to quarterly reporting and now is dealing with the COVID-19 slowdown.

This is why now we don't have a clear image of BMW plug-in sales, besides the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Unfortunately, the BMW i3 noted an unprecedented and surprisingly high decrease in sales during the first quarter of 2020, while the BMW i8 is ending its career anyway.

  • BMW i3: 64 (down 94.0% year-over-year from 995)
  • BMW i8: 66 (down 62.0% year-over-year from 177)

We are not aware of what caused such a high drop - it's too high to consider COVID-19 as the only cause. Maybe BMW simply switched more sales to Europe, where the new emission requirements really brought on the necessity to sell plug-ins.

Sales of the other plug-ins in BMW/MINI lineup remain unknown, so let's take one more look at the overall results:

  • BMW: 30,582 (down 21.2%)
  • MINI: 5,237 (down 35.0%)
  • BMW Group: 64,692 (down 17.4%)

Detailed results:

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