We are still waiting for explanations on the Kona Electric fire that occurred in Montreal, Canada.

EV fires are rare events, as an AGCS study recently confirmed. Yet, when they happen, they need a quick and convincing explanation precisely to avoid misinformation to spread. That is something we would really like to see all people producing electric cars to understand. Hyundai still owes us an explanation for a fire in Montreal, and it already has another one to clarify. This time, it happened to a Kona Electric that was charging in Daegu, South Korea.

According to SBS News, it was about 11:10 PM local time last May 29 when the Kona Electric burst into flames. Firefighters took two hours to put the fire out, which destroyed the entire car, causing 29 million won – around $24,400 on the current exchange rate – in property damages.

UPDATE: Hyundai provided us with a statement about the Kona Electric fires that deserved a new article. You can check it by clicking right here.

When we first read the article with the help of Google Translate, we had the impression that all three fires reported related to a Kona Electric, but that does not seem to be the case. The two other blazes happened in repair shops on the same day, but there is no indication that they are connected to electric cars.

Gallery: Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire While Charging In South Korea

SBS News informs that the fire department towed the Kona Electric on May 30 to investigate what caused the blaze. We have tried to contact the Korean media outlet for more information, but no one from it got in touch so far. 

Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire While Charging In South Korea

We will also try to talk to Daegu’s Fire Department, but our Korean readers are more than welcome to provide more details. If you happen to know more about the situation or if you know who the owner is, please put him in touch with us.

Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire While Charging In South Korea

The same applies to Piero Cosentino. We have his name but were unable to find him on any social media or any of our other search attempts through other means. He is the owner of the Kona Electric that caught fire and sent the door of his garage flying toward the other side of his street in Montreal, Canada. The accident happened on July 26, and Hyundai got involved with the investigation.

Hyundai Kona Electric Catches Fire While Charging In South Korea

We have recently asked the company about that event. We still have not heard from the PR team in Canada, but the Global PR department said it would get back to us as soon as it has news on either of these incidents. We hope Hyundai now knows how urgent this is.

Source: SBS News

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