The video comes from May 8, 2020 and was recorded at a charging station in Dongguan, China, where an electric car caught fire when being plugged into a charger (it seems like a DC fast charger).

We are not aware of the cause - whether it was related to the vehicle or to the charger, or something else, so our focus will be solely on the process and result.

As we can see in the video, first it started with a sound (something was already going on), then the black smoke comes out... more of it, and then boom. The car, or rather its battery explodes.

Once the flames appeared, it was clear that the other EVs would not survive either.

More than 40 firefighters and 8 fire trucks were involved at the site, and thanks to quick action, they managed to put out the fire.

According to some scarce reports, five EVs were affected by the incident (4 severely).

The cause might have something to do with the charging points. Due to the fire, the local government closed 48 charging stations (700 stands), or a sixth of all, to make sure everything is safe.


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