If there's anyone who follows the electric car space in great detail, and has been for many years, it's Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, founder and host of Transport Evolved. However, at this point, covering Rivian is sort of like forecasting the future. Perhaps Nikki's crystal ball, and plenty of knowledge and research on the subject, can steer us in the right direction.

Rivian surfaced a few years back with the intent to build Electric Adventure Vehicles. Prior to exposing itself, Rivian had been working under the radar for many years, even under different names and in various locations. Not long after Rivian made its way into the public eye, it bought the shuttered Mitsubishi car manufacturing facility in Normal, Illinois.

Since Rivian officially revealed itself, it has designed and shared the R1T electric pickup truck, R1S three-row SUV, and Amazon electric delivery van. All the future vehicles have been proven very real and highly capable.

Nikki reminds us that it wasn't that long ago when the race was simply to bring to market the first long-range electric car. That race has come and gone, though several automakers are still working on their contributions. Now, the race is to bring larger electric vehicles to market. More specifically, people want electric pickup trucks and large family-friendly SUVs.

While Tesla is the clear leader in the space, and it has already revealed its electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck isn't due to come to market as soon as the Rivian R1T. In fact, Tesla's Texas Gigafactory, the facility that will build the upcoming Cybertruck, is still under construction. 

Meanwhile, Rivian has racked up billions of dollars in investments, and it's already manufacturing pre-production R1T trucks in Normal. The trucks have also proven themselves in grueling road trips across multiple countries.

Check out the short video to learn more about why Nikki believes Rivian might just win the electric pickup truck race. Then, head down to the comment section and let us know if you agree.

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