Jeffrey Chen posted on Facebook that he met the new Amazon/Rivian delivery van. It was out delivering packages in the Los Angeles area when Chen snapped some pictures and recorded a few revealing videos.


For those unaware, Amazon is a major investor in Rivian. Moreover, the online retail store has made a deal with Rivian for a massive fleet of all-electric delivery vans. Until recently, we only saw the prototype truck parked. However, last month, it was spotted out highway testing.

Fast forward to more recently, and the Rivian Amazon electric van is in neighborhoods around LA delivering packages. Clearly, this seems to be part of the testing process. Regardless, it's amazing to see it out working.

Chen captured the footage back in late December. If you didn't have prior knowledge of the Amazon Rivian partnership, you might just let this van pass by without thinking too much. That is ... unless you heard the sounds it was making. The electric van broadcasts its pedestrian sound while moving and while parked and idling.

The van has a pedestrian warning system, which is not only smart, but will be required. There has been a lot of talk about what these pedestrian warning sounds should be. While some may watch the video and be irritated by the sound, Rivian is just doing what's right. Keep in mind, the sound could certainly change before official production begins.

As many people on the internet poke fun at the Rivian Amazon delivery van, simply because of its pedestrian warning sound, we're super excited to see it out delivering packages. This is one small step toward a huge transition that must happen across the globe.

Check it out and let us know what you think. We're more interested in what you think of the Rivian van and the news, rather than its sound maker.

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