Sandy Claus promised 2021 would bring a new teardown at Munro & Associates, and here it is. This new Munro Live video shows Sandy Munro’s first impressions with a 2021 Tesla Model 3, possibly the one that will show us how the car improved in the last three years. In a quick inspection, Munro said he was impressed with the paint quality, but not with the panel gaps.

The video starts with a funny joke about the metal monolith that first appeared in the Utah desert and is now popping everywhere. Although we have no explanation for it so far, we can say where it was last seen.

Munro started with good first impressions. Apart from the paint – he asked his associates if anyone polished the Tesla – he also liked the chrome delete the 2021 Model 3 presents. The engineer is notoriously not a fan of chrome due to pollution concerns and aesthetic preferences.

Sandy Munro Meets The 2021 Tesla Model 3: Check Out His Impressions

With a gauge tool, Munro evaluated the panel gaps. To be fair, he did not even need it to see the front right door has a big alignment problem. Near to the A-pillar, it is so close to the car’s body that he even thought the door kissed it, but that was not the case. At the bottom of the door, it was more than 5 millimeters distant from the body.

Munro did not hold back his disappointment with such build issues. He said he does not understand how Tesla can still have them after so much time and that this is not acceptable. The engineer also said it is the easiest thing to fix. Yet – and despite all the professionals he recommended Tesla to hire – the problems are still there.

Even we talked about how Jérôme Stoll turned Renault’s factory in Brazil around in terms of build quality. Now that he left Renault Sport Racing, he may be available to talk. 

Munro stressed that this is necessary for Tesla to “take over all the market and not just the market that you have now.” Coincidence or not, it is precisely on the car's right side that most of the spontaneous glass-shattering episodes happened.

Munro also found issues on the door closing efforts, on the deck lid, the rear right door, and the taillights, which present big gaps. When he inspected the car's interior, he did not find any issues.

Watch the video, keep tipping your cashiers and wait for the teardown. We hope it presents big improvements, just like Munro expected to see them in this quick inspection.

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