The video above would probably be the last one in which we will see this white 2021 Tesla Model 3 in one piece. Sandy Munro and his team at Munro & Associates will tear it down soon, but the engineer decided to take it for a spin before that. His only issue was getting the frunk lid closed.

Munro starts trying to follow the company’s instructions to close it, and the frunk lid resists. The engineer makes multiple attempts and finally calls it an engineering problem rather than a build issue.

Frunk Lid Gives Sandy Munro A Hard Time Before 2021 Model 3 Drive

At some point, some members of his team try to help and say they had to put all their weight into the task, practically taking their feet off the ground to do so. That’s when Munro comes up with a proceeding to properly close the frunk lid: gently letting it descend and brutishly pushing it to close. The engineer remembers he was criticized for pushing it hard in the past.

The issue is that the frunk lid is just a cover for that compartment. In the past, the Model S and the Model X had dents caused by people trying to close their frunk lids, which were not covered by Tesla under warranty. 

The difference is that the Model S and the Model X have aluminum body panels, while the Model 3 and Model Y have steel parts. We have not heard about dents in the Model 3’s frunk lid so far, but we do not doubt it has happened after seeing Munro’s struggle to close it.

When the engineer decided to take it for a spin, he was pretty happy with the Model 3’s behavior. He praised it as something “like driving a BMW, only faster,” and said there are things he does not like in the EV, but driving is not one of them. This is probably why he decided to make this spin be a little longer...

In this other video, Munro tells us about a road trip he and Cory Steuben, his vice president, decided to do with the Model 3. They went from Michigan up to California with it to see what they like and don’t like in the car, but possibly also to evaluate if any parts are affected by driving, such as the suspension bolts and nuts.


Munro said they were heading to Los Angeles. Last January 20, he was in Colorado, as the tweet above from the Western Colorado Tesla Club reveals. His first talk will be with Faraday Future, but we suspect he will also talk to Aptera and eventually to Tesla, a supplier Munro wants for many of the electric trikes he is working with.

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