Mazda MX-30 is a very attractive and well designed electric crossover that has many qualities, but one major drawback: a claimed WLTP range of only 124 miles (200 km), which is quite low by modern EV standards. However, instead of fitting it with a larger battery pack, Mazda is addressing MX-30’s range anxiety issue by also offering it with a range extender.

Said range extender is actually the first new use by Mazda of a Wankel engine, after the Japanese automaker’s last rotary-powered model, the RX-8, was discontinued in 2012. It was believed that even though in most markets the BEV and range extender models would be sold alongside, there were some rumors that for American car buyers, only the later would be offered.

Well, as one report published by Automotive News says, it turns out both versions will actually make it Stateside. The source quotes an unnamed Mazda spokesperson who said the U.S. version of the MX-30

Will be available as both a fully electric model and a series plug-in hybrid, featuring a rotary engine. Additional information about availability will be released at the appropriate time.

We wonder how the MX-30 will fare on the ultra competitive (and growing) electric crossover segment in the United States, especially since there is a high likelihood that the EPA’s range rating for the model won’t even reach the 100 miles mark. Mazda already sells the CX-3, CX-30 and the CX-5 in the States, so it may have a hard time standing out among them, especially since it won’t offer class leading range or performance (it has just 134 horsepower and a claimed sprint time of 9.7 seconds to 100 km/h or 62 mph).

In regard to when the model will make its American debut, the source article contains no clues. We, however, can refer back to an oder report that announces 2022 as the year when Mazda plans to introduce the MX-30 range extender, so there’s a good chance that will coincide with the model’s U.S. introduction.

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