Fastned, the European fast charging network, has achieved its highest quarterly results during the fourth quarter of 2020, which is a sign of recovery from a very challenging year.

The utilization of the network was seriously affected by the COVID-19 related lockdowns and the following increase of home working/less driving. All of this translated into less charging.

Thankfully, the sales of electric cars increased quickly, especially in markets where Fastned is present, so the company was able to see a growth of volume year-over-year.

2020 Q4 results (vs 2019):

  • Revenues (related to charging): €1.9 million (+14%)
  • Volume: 3.3 GWh (+13%), on average 62 kWh/customer
  • Active customers: 53,309 (+25%), on average spent €36/customer

We guess that the 2021 will continue the trend up:


The number of over 194,000 charging sessions reveals also some other average results, like:

  • €9.8 of revenue per session
  • about 17.0 kWh per session
  • 3.6 sessions per customer

The company ended the third quarter with 131 stations, including the first one in Switzerland and the first one in Belgium.

In total, eight new stations were installed, while existing stations have received 16 new chargers.

Fastned's Q4 highlights:

  • The number of fully electric vehicles registered grew significantly in all of our markets year on year: 68% in the Netherlands in Q4, 77% in Germany for Q3, 119% in the United Kingdom in Q4, and 51% in Switzerland in Q3 (Note: data for Belgium is not available)
  • Fastned opened 8 new stations, bringing the total up to 131 stations by the end of December
  • A total of 16 additional fast chargers were installed on 5 existing stations as part of continued capacity upgrades
  • Together with Tesla and Seed & Greet, Fastned opened Germany’s largest fast charging hub located in Kreuz Hilden close to Düsseldorf
  • Fastned opened its first fast charging station in Belgium, close to the airport of Ostend-Bruges
  • Fastned opened the first of multiple fast charging stations at REWE supermarkets in Germany. REWE Region Mitte and Fastned join forces to support sustainable mobility
  • Fastned opened its first station in Switzerland, close to Zurich, adding a 5th country to its European fast charging network
  • Fastned won a tender for 9 fast charging stations along key French motorways
  • Fastned won an important lawsuit at the Dutch Council of State: the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management may not simply grant permissions for chargers at restaurants and petrol stations along the highway
  • Fastned raised over 17 million euro with the issue of bonds. In addition, investors have exchanged close to 4 million euro worth of bonds from earlier issues to new bonds, bringing the total issued amount in Q4 to more than 21 million euro 
  • The goals of milestone 4 of the Fastned option policy for employees have been met, with 150kW charging now available at more than 50% of Fastned stations, and the company’s market capitalisation exceeding 400 million euro
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