When you think of cars that could possibly beat a Tesla Model S P85D at the 1/8-mile drag strip, the Honda Civic probably doesn't come to mind, but when it's a highly tuned Civic like the one featured in this video, it might just have a chance.

Video description:

"Always looking for some close races at Piedmont Dragway. Many people may not think much of Hondas but when you see a Honda hatch with slicks and a turbo you can't take it lightly. Crazily enough, this one has a more basic single cam motor. Fully built d16z6 with 76mm pistons, eagle rods, built head, bisimoto cam, id1000 injectors on E85 fuel with a precison 58mm turbo making 403whp and only weighing in at 2001 lbs."

"This car took down a Ludicrous Tesla Model S P85D drag racing in the eighth mile."

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