Let them drive it and they will buy it.

The word on the streets is that Tesla doesn't advertise. However, this is only true in the traditional sense of the word. Tesla promotes its vehicles in many ways, primarily on social media. Sadly, this means that there are many people out there that still don't really know much about the electric cars. Perhaps the most successful marketing scheme Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have crafted is encouraging current owners to promote and "sell" it cars.

Tesla's referral program has been hugely popular for years, and while it may be less expensive than traditional ad campaigns, it's clearly worth it. Nonetheless, the company phased out the program not long ago. No worries, however, Tesla welcomed it back just recently, albeit significantly rebooted.

As EV owners and advocates, one of the best choices we can make is to let our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers test drive our electric cars. This is because there's a lot of truth to the above statement. People that drive them often buy them.

There are a ton of misconceptions in the media surrounding EVs. This turns much of the general public off to the vehicles. Not to mention the constant mainstream media coverage of Tesla and Elon Musk that's generally very negative. We need to remove people from the media situation and simply let them experience these cars firsthand.

The above video is a fantastic example of what can happen when someone experiences an all-electric vehicle for the first time. To up the ante, it's the Performance version of the Tesla Model 3, and the first-time candidate is a current BMW owner. We can safely say he's surely not the only one to be converted.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via mypcblewup on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance Reactions: From a BMW Owner

Candid 1st time reactions from a BMW Owner driving a Tesla Model 3 Performance for the very first time. Spoiler Alert: He wants one!!

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