Tesla Model 3 noted over 1,000 sales in March

During theĀ first quarter, the share of plug-in electric car sales in Switzerland increased to 5.3%, compared to 3.2% for the full year 2018. The huge increase was mostly caused by a surge in March to 7.5%, when 2,162 new registrations were noted.

More than a half (50.6%) of the result in March falls on the Tesla Model 3, which had 1,094 new registrations.

It's hard to say whether Switzerland will be able to maintain a high share of plug-ins, but results above 5% should be the new norm sooner rather than later as so many new models are entering the market over the next 12-months.

Currently, the Model 3 is the lone leader in the table. Noteworthy is that Audi e-tron finds its first 93 registrations in March:

Plug-in electric car sales in Switzerland - March 2019

Source: EV Sales Blog

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