Another country, another #1 rank.

In Switzerland, Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling car of any type in March with 1,094 new registrations, followed by the conventional Skoda Octavia (801) and a few other models checking in around 500.

Despite the fact that deliveries started only in February, Model 3 quickly jumped also in the YTD rank to 4th place at 1,371. As a brand, Tesla was in March classified at 8th overall

Tesla sales in Switzerland:

  • Model 3 - 1,094 (1,371 YTD)
  • Model S - 80 (129 YTD)
  • Model X - 69 (97 YTD)
  • Total - 1,243 (1,597 YTD)

Strong sales of the Model 3 is a very important outcome as Switzerland is one of the most "neutral indicators" of demand in a country with high salaries and no EV incentives.

Tesla Model 3 registrations in March 2019:

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