Sandy Munro once said Elon Musk is no checker player: Tesla’s CEO would play chess. A Now You Know YouTube video shows the engineer also considers Musk as a poker player because he hides Tesla’s game as much as possible. Munro puts it even more straight from the shoulder. For him, Tesla lies about what it has in its hands to surprise the competition.

Although all the video is pretty interesting, we have selected the precise point in which Munro says that. The engineer mentions he caught Tesla lying many times when it said it used some sort of material, and he found out it had something else entirely on its cars.

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That emerged when the discussion came to the million-mile battery Tesla may present in September. Munro said he saw little benefit about it unless for people that drive insane amounts of miles per year, such as the guys from Tesloop.

That was when the discussion went to the fact that these longer-lasting batteries can help with V2G (vehicle-to-grid). No Tesla is ready for that. Munro said the inverters need to be physically different, and Jesse asked the engineer if he thought updated cars could be presented at the Tesla Battery Day. Such an expectation could create an Osborne effect against Tesla, by the way.

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That was when Munro said – laughing – that Tesla lies and bet the company will probably show something even bolder than the million-mile batteries: production-ready solid-state batteries. Tesla would already have the million-mile cells, and it just understates its achievements to fool other companies.

If Tesla really has these solid-state batteries, Sandy predicts battery suppliers would have to start from zero and that all companies that did not enter the electric car race yet would win big. After all, they could have solid-state batteries on their very first EVs – Munro believes Tesla would be willing to sell it.

This chat shows the high expectations around Tesla Battery Day. After SVolt and CATL presented their supercells, Tesla will disappoint a large crowd – Sandy Munro included – if all it has to show are million-mile batteries.

What do you think Tesla is lying about when it comes to its big event? Is it hiding a big surprise? Is it buying time to present something that may genuinely surprise people? Please share your thoughts with us below.

Source: Now You Know

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