We have already told you Sandy Munro got a second Tesla Model Y as part of the teardown process his company is doing. The only difference, in this case, is that this new unit will not be disassembled: it is meant for testing. Anyway, Munro could not resist having a look at its cowl cover and… bingo: it has the same cowl cover issue he found on the first Model Y.

If you are not familiar with this story, the link right above can tell it all to you. If you prefer the short version, Munro tried to lock the frunk and noticed it did not close properly. The engineer then realized the cowl cover was interfering with that. When he checked it, he saw it was loose. The cause was a broken clip and a missing “Christmas tree,” another sort of clip. Munro even made a video suggesting solutions for that.

When he took the new, blue Tesla Model Y inside Munro & Associates’ garage, he immediately opened the frunk and checked the cowl cover. It was loose on the same spot the other one had a broken clip, which sets a concerning pattern apart from killing “anecdotal evidence” accusations from the start. It is the second Model Y Munro gets and the second with precisely the same problem.

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Why haven’t more Model Y owners complained about the issue? Probably because they still did not have time to check the cowl cover? Some of them are busy enough with the electric CUV’s paint and other issues.

Sandy Munro Gets A Second Tesla Model Y: It Also Has Cowl Cover Issues
Sandy Munro Gets A Second Tesla Model Y: It Also Has Cowl Cover Issues

Do you have a Model Y? Have a look at its cowl cover to see if it is properly in place or if it is also loose. If it is, please get in touch with us by email, through our Facebook page or Twitter. This issue may indicate a design error similar to the one Tesla fixed with 3D printing. With more evidence, it is a good candidate for our list of known issues the Model Y already has.

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