After our reports on the Model 3 paint job quality, we thought Tesla would invest a lot of time and effort into getting it right for the Model Y. Unfortunately, this is not what the first units of the electric CUV have revealed so far. The latest case comes from Ryan Shaw. He took his car to a Tesla Service Center for repair in the first days with it. Then, he hired detailers in Los Angeles to help him protect the paint and was impressed with the number of issues it still had. Just check out the paint thickness: it is very uneven.

This is not the first time we hear about that. The first report about this came from the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. Munro & Associates also measured the paint and showed massive variations, which you can see in the gallery below.

Gallery: See The Munro & Associates Measurements Of The Tesla Model 3 Paint Thickness

Now, Detail Union has measured the Tesla Mode Y paint thickness and the results show massive discrepancies are also present in the electric CUV. Shaw even warns that, despite the paint, supplied by BASF, is of good quality, the way it is applied leaves very little margins for corrections.

Shaw mentions the detailers could see precisely the points in which the body shop that made the repairs in his Model Y also made mistakes. He also showed pictures of the issues his car had right after he received it. We know there is no perfect car, but this Model Y looks like another one that looked like a used one despite being brand new.

Gallery: Tesla Model Y Paint Is As Thin And Defective As Model 3’s, Detailer Shows

The youtuber also mentions that, in a comparison between a Tesla and a Toyota, the major difference is quality control, meaning Tesla desperately needs to get this settled. Despite Musk’s urge to “free America,” we hope Tesla has used this idle time to address this, apart from more pressing issues the company has to solve.

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